Monday, February 1, 2010

PJ's for My Sweet & more

This weekend I got down to work on Phineas' pajama bottoms. In the past, the pj's I've made have been very quick and easy projects. But these pajamas have some really nice details - fly front, on seam pockets and flat-felled seams - that required a bit more thoughtful planning and careful sewing.

I've never sewn a flat-felled seam before, and it is love at first stitch! Not only is it a really clean finish, but it is very strong. I think that may be why the original pj's lasted for so long.

My first flat-felled seam! (sunlit)

Since I used the original pj's as a pattern for the new ones, fit was not so much of an issue. However, I had to think carefully about the order of construction. Each pocket was made from one piece of fabric that was folded in half. Since they were on the felled seams, I had to be careful not to sew the pocket closed accidentally or sew it to itself and still have the edges felled. (Does that make sense?) I managed in the end.

I am still exploring all the features of my new SM. For this project I got to use the button hole foot for the first time. I did a test run and it was perfect! I love my new machine.

Phineas tried the jammie's on and they seem fine. So, all I have left to do is the waistband (elastic and draw string) and hemming. Tomorrow, I will re-reveal my pencil skirt and catch you up on my Calm, Cool and Cowl conundrum.

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Faye Lewis said...

Those are really some couture PJ's. Front fly and pocket - a work of love.