Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working for a living and More thoughts on Pants

Well, I've been swamped at work. And I've had a number of work-related events to attend, including one on Sunday evening and one on Monday evening. But at least my work overtime usually involves a glass or two of champagne and some tasty hors d'oeuvres.

I guess it could be worse; I'm sure there was no champagne for these gals at work.

That said, work is work, and I have been pining for the Craft Lounge. I've done a lot of thinking about my pants muslin and even posted a message with a picture of the awful back to the "Fitting Woes" message board of PatternReview. It took a bit of nerve to put my fitting issues out there. You have to be ready to hear some analysis of you figure flaws (saddlebags) in order to get to a solution to your fitting problems. It is all done in a supportive and non-judgmental way, but if you are in denial about your flaws (saddlebags)... well it could be a bit of an unhappy thing. On the upside, thanks to sewing, I am growing a thicker skin with my own body issues.

Anyway, it was very productive! Several more experienced sewists shared some insights and advice on how I could fit this pattern. Or if I wanted to scrap it, some suggested Burda or Jalie might actually be better for my figure than Simplicity. So, I have a lot to think about in this department.

I also did a bit of work on my blue cowl top. I basted the side seams to see how the top was fitting. It was big - thank goodness I started with a size smaller than I originally thought. After pinning it a few different ways, I decided that it needed alteration across the back and shoulders where it was just too big. (Do I have narrow shoulders? This seems to be a recurring issue.) Inspired by the Vogue top I am also working on - and which is fitting beautifully through the shoulders and back - I decided to add a back center seam. So I cut the back in half. Um, I'll have to let you know if this was a good idea or not once I've worked on it a bit more. It may work out beautifully, but then again, it was a pretty radical step. Thank goodness I am not terribly attached to this fabric!

More later I hope.


Mar-Mar said...

Clio, I am so inspired by you! I never think of it being my own figure flaw(too many to list) but rather an oversight by those who make clothing(or design patterns in this case.

Back to being inspired by you! I have a sister-n-law is getting hitched in June and everyone(including me) is in the wedding party. I decided instead of driving myself crazy or broke buying a dress for Ms. Abigail, that I would buy the traditional white flower girl dress in an infant size and add an apron to it with a teal sash and a pretty skirt(no bib).

JD thinks it is because I kinda ODed on last sessions Project Runway episodes since being on maternity leave (they run on Sundays on one of the Lifetime channels). He said very supportively, "make it work".

So, I got a swatch of the teal bridesmaid dress and went to JoAnn Fabrics(no independents here in CT).
I found a close match for the sash in teal taffeta and pretty organza in a very light blue(goes well with the taffeta).

Now I have fabric, thread and needles. MMM...any advice? I don't have a pattern cause it seems nobody makes aprons for infants. My sewing machine is circa 1880(no lie) and I think I trust my hands more.

If all else goes wrong, little Abby will just wear the white flower girl dress!

Love ya,

Clio said...

Wow Mar! Now it is my turn to be impressed.

Hmm, let me collect my thoughts and get back to you.