Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Did I forget to mention that we are away for a few weeks?

I've just finished a week of work in London, and now we are on our first family vacation. Guess where.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Crazy Pants

I made crazy pants.

Can you tell that I really kind of like them?

I've been feeling like the summer has flown by. Taco's ongoing nap strike along with a somewhat complicated sewing project for Phin (to be blogged) has really eaten into my sewing-for-me time and made me feel, well, a bit depleted. So, a quick win was in order.

You've seen these pants before. They are Ralph Pink's Hareem pants, which I made twice last spring, once in jersey and once in stretch silk. Harem pants are kind of crazy to begin with, and now I've made them out of crazy... aka hot pink and orange snake print cotton jersey.

I've worn the first two pair of these pants before, during and post- pregnancy. The easy fit made them ideal and I always get compliments. Becoming a mom can really leave you in a style rut because almost your whole wardrobe becomes transitional as you gain and then lose weight. Also, your needs change as comfort becomes more of a priority. If you are not careful, you can end up wearing the same baggy yoga pants for days on end. A pair of really fun and casual pants for pushing the stroller around town, chasing after my increasingly mobile Taco and meeting friends for brunch/coffee/ice cream, but that were NOT yoga pants is what I was after. I think I succeeded.

I actually felt pretty cool pushing the stroller yesterday, in my mind if not temperature-wise in this late summer heat wave. I really should have made them sooner since the fabric is pretty light and relatively comfy in the heat.

Honestly, I don't think this is the last time I will make these pants. They went from being a style I was not sure about to a real staple item. And they sew up in a jiffy on my serger. And they look great in different colors and prints. So, I guess these are sort of a "basic" in my wardrobe, if you can consider hot pink and orange anaconda knit a basic...

Anyway, Phin was getting punchy by the end of our little photo shoot. This is my "I mean business, mister" face.  And now, if I could just finish my very summery project for Phin, I could move along to some fun fall sewing.