Sunday, May 17, 2015

What People Sewed: SHB Sew-Along Round Up

It was so much fun to see what everyone sewed during April for their SHBs (Small Human Beings) or for those tasked with growing and raising them.  If you haven't followed along, you can see all the amazing projects in our flickr group or on Instagram.

I loved seeing so many projects for parents.  Here is a round up of some of the amazing things that everyone sewed up in the "for Parents" category of our sew along....


Peapod carrier by Ofingleside

Mei Tai of Gondor by Hannah Sadar

And my lovely sew along co-host, Mikhaela...

We're ring sling twins

For Diaper changing in style:

Diaper tote by Nienke

Diaper Clutch by the very productive Ofingleside

Maternity and Nursing Clothing and Accessories:

sunnyb64's nursing cover

The Itinerant Seamstress sewed a plethora of fun maternity wear including this Plantain Tee, hacked for maternity

Sunnyb64's green maternity/nursing maxi

A photo posted by Dina (@babyoiscoming) on

I also loved Round-the-world-girl's nightwear!

And, although I don't think it strictly counts as "for the parents sewing," I loved Cindy - my other lovely co-host's - organization basket which she's filled with cute toys.

I'm amazed at how much sewing got done with new babies, soon-to-be babies and sometimes older siblings, too! One thing I've learned is that there are days when sewing one seam is real progress. Check out the round ups of the other two categories - Baby Clothing and Toys/Accessories (up soon!).  Also, Cindy will be announcing our prize winners! Yay, Sew-Along!

Next up: Back to some non-baby sewing for me!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

SHB Sew-Along Wrap Up!!

Where did the time go? It's May, which means that the SHB Sew Along has (almost) come to an end. The last thing to do is ask everyone who participated to hop on over to Mikhaela's Blog (Polkadot Overload) and let us know about your project(s) by May 7!  We have some awesome prizes - some random and some in each category.

Wasn't this a fun sew-along?

Taco sure thinks so!!!