Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drat! I Was Right!

After posting about my skirt yesterday, I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe the creasing in the front was caused by my waist being lower in front. I became more and more unhappy with the skirt as the day wore on. So, when I got home, I tried the skirt on again and pinned a one inch fold out of the center front, tapering to nothing at the seam.

Before pinning:
See the crease under the tummy?

After pinning:

No more crease!

And from the side... Before:

Not smooth.

Blurry, but smooth

As you can see, the crease is pretty much gone. Which means I was right about it being an issue stemming from my waist and not about the darts at all.

So, what does all this mean? It means that I spent last night with my seam ripper detaching the waistband from the skirt. Uuugh. I feel like I am at a point in my sewing career (the terrible twos?) that I know just enough to recognize problems, but not enough to avoid them.


Faye Lewis said...

Don't we all have these learning processes, I certainly do. I take it out too, make it right, and hopefully avoid the problem again. Your skirt looks great.

MS said...

You are doing great! The skirt is amazing! Congratulations!

Diane Drexel said...

This is EXACTLY how all my ready-to-wear skirts look! I always thought the problem was my stomach. Now I know it is caused by my derriere taking up a little too much real estate. You can either take up the front as you have or raise the back seam toward at the center back tapering to the side seams.

Clio said...

Diane - Thanks for your suggestion! I'm intrigued but a little unclear what you mean about the back. Do you mean I could make the same alteration to the back instead of the front?

Andrea said...

Hey, don't feel bad. I rip garments all the time. At least we are learning something right? Thanks for stopping by my blog. The fabric paint I used is Tulip Soft fabric Paint.

Andrea said...

P.S. I'm typing so fast, and leaving my brain behind. I also think your skirt looks great. You did do a really nice job on it.

Clio said...