Saturday, February 13, 2010

I thought Pants Fitting problems were a thing of the past...

... but it turns out they just moved to my rear.

I have been working on the muslin for my Amazing Fit Pants. I was so pleased with how well they were fitting in the front - smooth, no wrinkles or creases, flattering - that I wasn't paying too much attention to the back. Then I took a good look.

There is all kinds of creasing happening under the bum and I am not really sure how to fix it. UUugh. You know it's bad when the day before Valentine's Day you are having your husband take pictures of your bum to illustrate the problems in your pants fit. How bad?

Yeah, really bad.


Faye Lewis said...

I sincerely wish I knew the answer to the problem - but I truly feel your pain. My common sense is saying that it is a side seam problem but I don't really trust that answer. Ask Gwen at, she helped me with my front wrinkles.

Clio said...

Thanks! I'll check out her blog.