Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Star Bellied Sneech Romper!

Oh hi! Summer is half over, and I'm just getting around to checking in.  It's been all kinds of busy fun here - the pool, the park, the zoo and backyard fun. 

Rompers are simply the best mode of summer dressing for little ones, aren't they?

One of my dear friends has a sweet little one year old. Last summer, when he was a newborn, I bought the Brindille & Twig Tank Romper pattern with the intention of sewing up some rompers. Then Taco gave up his nap and that ended my grand sewing ambitions.

So, when summer came around again, I pulled out the pattern anew to work on some one year old rompers.

The striped version has reverse applique stars on the front and the back...

As soon as I started working on it, Taco decided that the striped romper was for him. He was insistent. It was adorable. So, naturally, I had to make one for him. I gave him a choice of star color and placement - he chose turquoise and on the tummy -  and I was off and running.

My Star Bellied Sneech

Friends, when I was finished and gave it to him, he picked up the romper, kissed it several times and then insisted on wearing it immediately. This was the best thank you and compliment he could have given me.  And the romper has been worn and washed and worn again several times already.  I can't blame him; the fabric is so very soft and stretchy. I previously made pajamas out of it.

 As for the pattern, its very cute and went together nicely. I didn't love the instructions. They are written for those sewing without a serger, and so not all the steps make sense if you are using one. I really don't like instructions for bound necklines where you don't sew the shoulder seam until after you sew the binding on. I think it makes a bump. A few other parts also were sewn in a way that creates a little bit of unnecessary bulk, IMHO. So, I just went with my own preferred methods. However, a new sewist would definitely be able to construct this romper following the instructions. The design - with the front and back each cut in one piece rather than there being a center seam - is very easy.  It makes for a little bit of gathering/bunching at the crotch, which is not perfect, but for such a quick and easy sew is acceptable. One thing I like is that the pattern comes in sizes from newborn to 6T. I sewed the 2-3T for Taco. So, it is entirely possible that I will make this again for him next year. 

Lastly, I had the snaps installed by Star Snaps on 39th Street in the Garment District. I don't understand why you would go anywhere else for you snap, grommet and rivet needs. 

Nice work by Star Snaps

Since Taco is potty trained, I omitted the crotch snaps on his and instead made one of the shoulders a velcro closure so he could dress and undress himself. Snaps would have worked, too.The only problem with the romper is that the fabric - a rayon jersey knit - is exceedingly stretchy and not really holding its shape at the armscyes.

Anyway, this pattern makes a really cute little romper and is easy to sew, which is exactly what I want in children's clothes. I would definitely sew it again if I had an occasion to sew for little ones.

I hope you are having an equally fun and relaxing summer! I make no promises, but I hope to update you on all the other sewing I've done in the last many months.