Monday, November 28, 2011

You Can't See Me, Ha ha ha...

D'oh! Apparently, camouflage does not work in an urban environment.

But my nephew, Orpheus, seemed to think that the pants that I sewed for him over the weekend were pretty cool, anyway. In fact, he made such a big deal over how cool they are that now his little brother, Linus, wants a pair too. (Sigh! Why does sewing for others always beget more sewing for others!?!?!)

There's not much to say about them. I whipped these up from KS 2276, same as the Goku Halloween costume that I made. They could not be easier or quicker. Each leg is just one piece of fabric. So, you sew up the inseams, sew the crotch/center seam, add an elastic waistband and hem. That's it.

The camo I used is a $2/yd ripstop-like fabric that I bought to use as muslin aeons ago at HM Fabrics. My sister has a difficult time getting pants that fit my nephew correctly; we grow kids abnormally tall in my family. So, these are essentially a very wearable muslin to see if this KS pattern, which is meant for sweatshirt fabric, actually works in a woven fabric, too. I told my nephew he is in charge of letting me know how they fit. For emphasis, I added that he should tell me if they give him "wedgies" or fall down to his ankles in gym class. At first he thought this was funny; then he asked if I was kidding. (Ha ha ha, I am an evil auntie).

Since I turned them over to my sister while we were out, I didn't get any pictures of the pants with my nephew actually in them. Oh well. I'm going to have to make that a demand for when I sew for others moving forward.

In between bites of pumpkin pie over the weekend, I also managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing for myself. I hope to finish my Karl Lagerfield Burda skirt in the next day or two so, stay tuned!


Karin said...

I hope they fit him. Then again, if they do, you are bound to be sewing loads more! Can't wait to see your skirt. It looked like a pretty complicated pattern.

Faye Lewis said...

I like those camo pants. The narrow zipper foot paired with the invisible zipper foot make quite a pair and have been helping get my zippers in more proficiently. Don't tell anybody, but when I get a gadget that I find really useful - I buy two of them. You know just in case (lol).

Tia Dia said...

How nice of you to sew for others, and it's so true that it begets more requests, which I why I sometimes (most times) will say No, I'm just too busy right now - maybe for another project! I'm looking forward to seeing the Lagerfeld skirt - I've had my eye on it since seeing it last fall, but my legs would never do it justice!