Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very Easy! Vogue 8558

I finished my vogue top on Friday, and was so happy with it that I wore it to Magenta's birthday day of crafting on Saturday.

I am sure I will be making this top again. It is such a great basic. And I really like how the neck (made of satin) is shiny compared to the rest of the shirt. The only thing I would do differently is grade the pattern out to a size larger in the hips. I didn't realize how long the top would be when I cut it. Thank goodness I made it from a super stretchy jersey.

I'm not done with the blue top yet. But I have learned something very valuable about myself in the process: I like natural fibers. The Vera luxury knit that I am using for the blue top (and which is poly) is just not the right fabric for me. It's ok, just not what I will buy in the future. I look at the clothing in my wardrobe and what I like to wear, and it is almost exclusively cotton, wool, satin or blends. Hopefully, this knowledge will help guide my fabric shopping to more hits and fewer misses in the future.


Faye Lewis said...

That looks great on you.

Andrea said...

Girl, you are wearing that top. It looks !!!!!FABULOUS!!!!! on you.

Andrea said...
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