Friday, March 5, 2010

Sequined Sequel

Tomorrow, Dr Kiang and I will help Magenta celebrate her birthday with another installment of the Sequined Craft Lounge. Yup, we had so much fun last time that we will converge at Magenta's home once again with fabric and jewels, scissors and glue guns in tow for a day of crafting.

Here's what I plan to work on:

Finish drafting Magenta's summer pants pattern - How many ways can you say "long over-due?" Now that Magenta is learning to sew, the best birthday gift I could bestow is a pattern for her favorite pants, which she wore into the ground. This way, she can make them over and over in as many different styles and colors as she wants.

Tee shirt makeover project - Magenta will be getting a full day's work out of me, apparently. She told me that she is planning a tee shirt alteration as her first sewing project outside of a classroom and would love my help. So, I am going to bring a few tee's of my own which need to either be made over or tossed.

Sentimental attachments: old concert tees, my 1st scuba
diving tee, turkey trot tee and one misc unsentimental tee

I hope you have some fun and crafty weekend plans too!


30 before 30 said...


You seem to be busy with so many sewing projects. I have to ask: What about Mac and Cheese?

Have a great time this weekend!

Tell Magenta I said Happy Birthday!!!

Clio said...

Fear not. There will be more Mac N Cheese. My busy work schedule had kept me out of the kitchen on weeknights for the last few weeks, but I plan for more mac in the next week.

Clio said...
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