Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Purge

On Thursday evening I executed the first phase of Spring Cleaning my wardrobe: the purge. Here are the results:

If I didn't love it or if I didn't like the fit, it got weeded out. A slew of tops and sweaters, 2 pairs of pants, 3 dresses, and an assortment of belts and scarves will go to Goodwill if they are in good shape or the rag bin if they are not.

I am looking for good homes for a few tops which I like, but never seem to wear (ie: they are really nice, but are just not working for me for whatever reason). Three of them have gone to Dr Kiang already. They are all barely worn, so they can always be added to the Goodwill bag if no one wants them.

Two beloved tops and one fantastic dress have been moved to the alterations pile. They are all in good shape and are just a bit too large at this point. But I think that all of them can be altered easily enough.

After photographing the purge, which accounts for my closet and 2 drawers, I also weeded through my athletic wear. For whatever reason, I seem to do a pretty good job curating my more functional garments (ie: socks, pj's, athletics and underwear) so there isn't much to show. Phineas also added a few polo shirts, helping to fill an enormous garbage bag.

Garbage Bag full of purged clothing,
Oh, and the old running shoes have to go too.

What's left? Well, not a whole lot. I've never been one to have a large wardrobe. But there are still tops and bottoms that are starting to show their age. The problem is that I don't have any replacements for them. Also, there are a few tops that had been buried in the back of the closet or drawers that, now rediscovered, I am hoping to put back into regular rotation. I also have to go through my purses and shoes getting rid of those that look dated or worn, or are not comfy, no matter how cute they might be (see, I am being strict with myself).

I have the next two days off. I plan to purge the shoes and purses, and then it is on to phase two: shopping and sewing replacements (or trying to, at any rate). Sigh. This is hard work!


30 before 30 said...

Did you just say you are going to get rid of cute shoes just because they aren't comfy?

... sigh ...sometimes I wonder if we're really related...

Clio said...

I'm going to try. I may not be successful. But I find that pain inoculates me to the lure of cute. Take kittens, for example. I am so allergic to them that - even though I know other people think they are cute - I find something sinister and repulsive about them.

Faye Lewis said...

I'm purging too and it is hard work. Hard for me because I have trouble letting go.

Mar-Mar said...

Impressive purging!!! Jay and I were supposed to do this by this weekend, but we ended up going to PA instead for a cousin's engagement party.

Okay, so I have mom, impressed with my ambition for Project Abbycakes has expressed that she wants to purchase a sewing machine for my bday.

Her price limit is $200. I started to look online at some machines. I thought about adding some dough to her $200 and getting a better machine.

I am looking online at Janomes and Singers. Mom wants me to not purchase a Brother because? who knows, but since she's buying, I can respect that.

Since I know you have done much research on his matter and are my only friend who owns a sewing machine(at least to my knowledge), I turn to you for some opinions and advice.

Please keep in mind, I am an extreme novice. I haven't touched a machine since I was in college and made a pillow.

Any thoughts on this one, my friend?