Friday, November 13, 2009

Stuck in the airport

Well, here I am in the Montreal airport while my flight is delayed. After changing the departure for the second time, they actually did board us. Then they pushed back our departure again by so much that they decided to de-board again - a hint that maybe we will not be leaving any time soon?

So here I am in the airport bar with 22 oz of the local brew. (hint taken. thanks.) That is the small size, by the way. The other option was 34 oz.

All of this is an immense tease. Sewing projects are waiting for me at home. Yet here I am in the airport. And if the size of the beer is any indication, there is little hope that I will be in any shape to sew once I do make it home. What's a girl to do? Sigh.


30 before 30 said...

Oh No! What's the hold up? Do you know?

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with you blogging from the airport.

BTW, the pumpkin pie and crust came out so good, that I decided to make another and have a slice of the one made. I know, I have no self restraint, but, at 37 weeks pregnant, I don't think any harm was done.

I wish I could join you with for a 22oz cold brew. sigh, Mar-Mar