Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer halter top: complete!

So, I broke down and bought more hooks and eyes so I could finish my top.

Please ignore the fact that I look somewhat stupefied in this photo.

As I mentioned, I had to do a lot of resizing while I was sewing, and I had to make it more babydoll-ish than the shirt pattern actually is, on account of my hips. It came out looking a bit sexy than I intended. When I picked out the eyelet fabric, I was thinking that I would wear the top with capris and cute sandals to summer bbqs. But I'm not so sure about that now.

I need some suggestions: what should I wear this with and to what kind of events?


Anonymous said...

Wow! You sexy thing, you!

I think you should be going to some rock concerts this summer and this is the frock for those occasions. I would still pair it will capris or blue jeans.

Any plans for concerts? Concerts are so expensive(I know, when we were kids concerts were $20 - $25, EVEN Lollapolluza was like $35).

The closest I'm going to be to a concert is on June 27, my uncle is chartering a boat and we will be passing by the No Doubt concert at Jones Beach.


Clio said...

Sadly, that is closer than I'm going to be getting to any concerts this summer! They are so expensive now that there really aren't that many bands out there that I would spend the money on.

30 before 30 said...

I agree. You should wear this shirt with jeans or capris. If khaki, pair with a dark little sweater or a denim jacket. If denim, think dark dark denim. It would also look nice with a skirt, but the right kind.


2BSewing: said...

Cute top! I like your design changes.