Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Justin, my personal running trainer

I know what you're thinking. The resemblance to Lee Adama is striking.
But this is how I picture Justin.

Justin is my Ipod Personal Running Trainer. With the help of his 4 Weeks to 1 Mile training program, I ran my first mile last night. Considering that I haven't run this far since freshman year of high school, I'm really quite proud of this modest achievement.

I couldn't have done it without Phineas' help, either. He planned the route that we ran, which ended with a gentle downhill to help me to the finish line. And he trotted along with me at my ridiculously slow pace, toting a water bottle and encouraging me along the way.

Now, on to the 8 Weeks to 5K program...


Sarah & John said...

awesome! I may tag along and do this with you at the gym. i have zero stamina but it really is the best exercise.

MS said...

WOW totally impressed!

Clio said...

Thanks! I'm feeling really good about it.

Unknown said...

lol, that's what my personal trainer looks like too!! how's the running coming along? I hope better than mine. I do have a good excel tracker -- I found it off the web
its a bit old but it tracks everything and is kinda neat.
Also, I found Hal Higdon's programs to be v. good to follow. (ie easy and do-able)