Friday, June 12, 2009

Has anyone seen my sewing mojo? I can't find it anywhere.

Feeling the need to shake myself out of my pants fitting funk, I bid on and "won" a pattern for a maxi dress on Ebay yesterday.

Elated by my "win", I headed to Metro Textiles, which is rapidly becoming my go-to fabric store when I have a project in mind and need instant gratification. It isn't the largest fabric store in the area; in fact it is a rather small space. But it is chocked full of a rapidly changing inventory of the best priced fabrics in the garment district (IMHO). And then, of course, there is Kashi, the incredibly helpful owner. Just tell him what you are making and he will begin pulling out bolts for you. Or if he catches you admiring a fabric, he will tell you exactly what you ought to make it into.

For my maxi dress, I bought this fun knit:

The pattern repeats every 30 inches or so. I bought enough, I hope, that I will be able to lay out the fabric in a way that goes really well with the dress pattern.

And, just because I liked it, I bought this not-your-average plaid:

Ordinary plaid, dressed up with silver flowers.

I had seen it on an online fabric store for $12/yd plus shipping. Kashi gave it to me for $5/yd. I think I will either make it into a jacket (Kashi says jacket) or perhaps a pencil skirt for the fall.


2BSewing: said...

Hi There! I have the same maxi dress pattern sitting on my cutting table...waiting for something to happen. I need to look in my stash for an inexpensive knit to make a muslin for the top half of the dress. This would be my first Simplicity pattern garment that I would be making for myself. I'm a bit unsure of how it will fit on me. From what I understand on PR, the backside/elastic area should be made smaller, otherwise there might be some sagging. Should we attempt a SAL or Sew-A-Long for this maxi dress?

I know what you sewing mojo has up and left me for the last few weeks.

BTW...I love your knit print. A fab find. That plaid would like nice as a pencil skirt. ;)

Clio said...

LOL - "waiting for something to happen" - that is exactly the state of my sewing projects at the moment. Yes! Let's do a sew along!