Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gift for a Domestic Goddess in Training

I delivered this Emmeline reversible apron to Terpischore on Sunday. It came out super-cute, no?

One of the things I like about this pattern is that, since it is double sided, the finished apron feels substantial - like a good hefty apron that you actually would wear for heavy-duty cooking, baking or cleaning. Plus it is machine washable (essential, since one side is white!). Cute, yet functional.

I did make a few changes to the pattern. First, instead of using a contrasting fabric for the waist and neck bands, I made a two-tone bias trim from the two fabrics I used for the project (basically I took bias strips of each fabric and sewed them together). I also added a ruffle to the bottom. Since I was making bias already, it was easy to just make some extra and use it for the ruffle.

I may actually make one of these for myself at some point. However, I would definitely change how the neck straps are attached (awkward construction) and change them from a tie neck to some kind of closure (like a D-ring) so that you don't have to tie them every time you use the apron.

Anyway, this apron is very "Susy Homemaker"-esque. Have fun pulling pies from the oven in your sassy new apron, Terp!


Sarah & John said...

Yay!! I love it and am so excited to wear it.

2BSewing: said...

Cute apron! Perfect fabric choices.