Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Domestic Goddess in Training

Terpischore has always claimed that she has no skill or talent in the kitchen. I think she was scarred by a cooking mishap involving mistaking a cucumber for a zucchini at an early age. However, in the last few years she has come into her own in the domestic arena. So, as a very (very, very) belated birthday gift, I am making her a fun reversible apron!

A sassy apron for a fellow Domestic Goddess in Training

Last night, I cut out the pattern. I love how it's darted so that it is girly-shaped, rather than just being your standard boxy apron, and the ruched bodice is another really nice touch. Plus, I devised a few alterations, which I hope will make it an even more sassy apron.

Sewing will commence just as soon as I finish with my pants (tomorrow, unless disaster strikes).


30 before 30 said...

That's so cute!!!

Sarah & John said...

Maybe no one will notice how bad my cooking is because I will look so darn good!!