Friday, November 21, 2008

Pucker Up

For quite a while, Phineas has been planning to try his hand at homemade limoncello. He finally made good on this threat last night. It is a relatively straightforward procees and all you really need is sugar, water, lemon zest, alcohol and time.

For the lemons, Phineas used a mix of Meyer lemons and ordinary supermarket lemons. Really, the only work involved in this process is peeling or zesting a whole lotta lemons.

Did you ever think you would have a grown-up use for Everclear? Me neither. But limoncello really is the perfect application and gives this lowly grain alcohol an opportunity to get dressed up and act sophisticated.

And now for time. Phineas will turn or gently shake the limoncello-to-be every day or so for the next few weeks. Later, this Everclear and lemon peel mix will be diluted and refined with the addition of simple syrup (sugar & water) and vodka and bottled. Then more waiting while the flavors meld in the bottle. Phineas' finished limoncello should be ready for Santa's visit.

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