Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lessons learned along the way

Downloading a pattern from the internet sounds like a good idea.

At first I thought that downloading would be the way to go for me - there is a certain amount of instant gratification to it. But then you have to tape all the frackin' pieces together. Uuugh! I'm becoming rather bitter about the whole thing; it took me an hour to tape all the the sheets of 8.5x11 together for this pattern. Given the limited amount of sewing time that I have, this is just too much time to spend dealing with scotch tape.

I've had a tough time with jackets lately. I just can't wear the styles that are being shown - jackets that button high on the chest/neck, are not shaped at the waist, and often have puffy or gathered sleeves. They look cute on some people, but just don't work on my figure - they make me look boxy and wide. Not flattering. Anyway, this is the pattern I am using for the jacket that will match my pants. I used it for my mom's shrug. The cut was pretty and I think that the jacket version will go well with my trousers and be flattering on me.


2BSewing: said...

Nice job on downloading and taping all those 8.5x11 sheets of paper. I've been there and done that and I'd rather do that for purses, bags, and other accessories. I have very little patience with garment pattern pieces and scotch tape. :)

I like this Simplicity pattern. I think I see princess seams in the front of the jacket...this will give the jacket a nice shape in the front and from the side.

Now, you've got me thinking about an evening wear jacket pattern (similar to yours) I have in my stash. Here goes another project to add to my ever growing list. lol!

Looking forward to reading about your jacket adventure...Susan

Clio said...

You really are the queen of jackets, Susan!

Yes, it has princess seams, which usually work well on my figure. Last night I traced and cut out the pattern and pressed my fabrics. Cutting will commence this weekend.