Monday, May 5, 2014

Finished: Too Cool For School Pants!

It was so nice to be back in my native habitat (aka the Craft Lounge) this weekend so that I could actually sew something before heading off for 2 1/2 weeks of travel (work + #NYLon2014 + vacay with Phin). I finished my Alexander McQueen jacket, worked on a mini project for NYLon and sewed pants. Whew!

Back when I decided to give some Indie patterns a try, I bought a few Ralph Pink patterns including the Hareem Pants from his Catwalk/Trend line.

Sarouel (aka dropped crotch or harem) pants are one of those styles that I've always reflexively thought of as being "not for me" but have secretly loved/envied from afar on others - they convey such a cool confidence. But since I've embraced a "why not for me?" attitude in the last several years with my sewing, it was only a matter of time before I gave them a shot myself.

I went into this project thinking that sarouels would be a great alternative to the yoga pants that I often wear in the evenings post-run/gym while curled up on the couch with Phin. But I was wrong. These pants cannot be wasted on the couch.

"Why are you torturing me!?!?" pose.

Um...this was not one of our easier photo shoots.  But this was one of the easiest things I've ever sewn; I should sew a dozen more.

In the past when I've tried quick and easy patterns, the results have ranged from disappointing to disastrous, mostly because of the fit. Many "easy" patterns are flowy, unfitted shapes which don't really work on my figure. But the loose hip and thigh fit with a fitted waist and ankles seems to work on me.

The style is definitely not for everyone. The crotch on these pants is down at my knees, and that is with the waistband folded over so they are sitting higher than on the line drawing. I think this was drafted for someone rather tall (and I'm 5'9"). To me, this is an awesome feature since I didn't have to add any length whatsoever to these - a first for pants!

Anyway, in just an afternoon I went from taping these pattern pieces together to standing in front of the mirror thinking about how to accessorize this outfit. It helped that I constructed them entirely with my serger. Even though the pattern has just 3 pieces, the instructions are very thorough and well illustrated (see here).

Thinking these would end up being "cuddlewear," I used modal from my stash. Modal is my favorite fabric for pj's. The pattern calls for ribbing for the cuffs and waistband. However, I had none on hand and matching two different black fabrics is an awful task. So, I decided to use modal for all.  This required making the waistband and cuff pieces wider than drafted since modal is not as stretchy as ribbing.  But that is the only alteration I made to the pattern.

Anyway, these are a keeper - super comfy, fun for casual afternoons out and easy to wear. I feel very hip in this outfit. I may have to make a second pair out of a dressier fabric - a stretch silk version would be tres chic for evenings out.

Anyway, I'm super pleased with this pattern and feeling like Ralph Pink may be the indie pattern line for me. These will definitely be packed for the #NYLon2014 meetup as a possible outfit, although, I think with a different belt. Seriously, what do you wear to meet lots of other sewists!?!


Clio said...

I have never even heard of Ralph PInk until the other night. And now here you are, showing me these. You ARE fashionable. Hooray for trying something new!

Clio said...

Yeah, there are very few Ralph Pink reviews on PatternReview and blogs. I have no idea why - maybe because most of the patterns are not the sort of basics that people sew again and again.

Thanks! I know these aren't for everyone, but I think they are super fun!

Clio said...

I love them!! My daughters requested pants like these. They're much cooler than me ;-)

Clio said...

Ha! I think you could totally rock pants like these! Although, yeah, I had a moment of "are these too cool for me".

Clio said...

I like them on you! I've always had a major soft spot for harem pants :)

Clio said...

this IS your line, woman.

Clio said...

You are totally ROCKING this look!!!! Love it!

Clio said...

Wow girl! Definitely don't waste them just sitting on the couch!

Clio said...

Well, thanks for letting me know about this pattern! These are hip hop pants, my eldest daughter informs me, as the low crotch figures in a lot of hip hop choreography (I have no idea why they need to grab the fabric and hang onto it while dancing, but, hey, what do I know?), and now I know where to get the pattern to make her the requested-repeatedly-please-mom few dozen pairs I'm supposed to have queued.... or made already... So.... been throwin' down some new moves on the dance floor lately?

Clio said...

LOL - are they really? I had no idea there was a hip hop connection. Perhaps they'll give me more street cred. And, for your sake and all the versions you'll be making, at least they are very easy and quick to sew!

Clio said...

Funky!!! You can totally rock everything!

Clio said...

fabulous! I've always been a bit unsure about these but you may have just persuaded me to have a go at a pair myself - and looking forward to seeing some more ralph pink patterns - i've been trying to find examples of them made up and they are few and far between. I've bought his assymmetric kimono and the jigsaw dress - the kimono has 26 separate pieces cut from 4 different fabrics - I would love to see one actually made up before I dive into the cutting...

Clio said...

Go for it, Jo!!! I totally agree with you - there are so few reviews of RP patterns on blogs and pattern review. I don't understand why since I just LOVE the styles.

Clio said...

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