Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rare White Elephant: The Herd Grows

In stark contrast to my sewing overload, I've been suffering from knitting ennui lately. It's too warm to wear hand knit socks, and so I don't feel like knitting any. Plus, I have a mountain of gifts to get working on, but haven't picked out yarn yet. So, while I was trying to decide what to work on next, I added to my little elephant herd.

White elephants are rare in nature.
I haven't decided on a name for her yet. The other herd members are named for their colorways - Mingo (flamingo) and Daffy (daffodil) - but somehow "Ecru" doesn't feel like a good name.

There's not much to tell since this is my third time with the Elfante pattern. (First ones posted here.) My only change was that I gave her a cute little pink tummy.

Apparently, when I am away, the elephants like to play in and around/guard my sewing machines and notions. 

I must confess: it's fun to come home to find my knit toys hiding, peeking out from a corner or in a funny configuration.

They are cute, curious creatures.

But when someone does wrong by me, they get feisty and protective. Then their trample side comes out. 

Elephants in a row.

Anyone have a suggestion for a name for this little girl?  Let me know.

Oh and here is my list of knitting projects, none of which are even cast-on yet:
  • Cow playmate for DragonHippo (pattern purchased)
  • Baby Blanket and coordinating stuffie for my nephew-to-be
  • Baby gift for a good friend who is expecting a girl
  • Knee high Tardis socks as a bday gift for my sister (how awesome does that sound?)
  • A sweater for your's truly


Clio said...

What a cute playmate to add to the herd! How about naming her Pearl? As in "mother of pearl". As opposed to ecru.... (So maybe it's a bit of a stretch.) Good luck with all your sewing and knitting plans!

Clio said...

Ерey are sooo cute!!

Clio said...

LOL! I was going to suggest Echo, but I kind of like Pearl too :-)

Clio said...

Ooooh, I like Echo, too. It's rather mysterious.

Clio said...

Cuute!!! Now that I've read the other comments... all I can think of name wise is Pearl! Love it :)

Clio said...

"Albion." I know it doesn't start with an "e," but it is dignified, easy to spell, and means "white." ("Elbion" sounds too much like "elbow.")

Clio said...

Ella. It's the name of one of my daughter's elephant stuffies, but I don't think she would mind if you use it for your cutie.

Clio said...

Oh, that is a cute name for an Elephant!