Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! and a PSA: Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

Have you ever felt like you're living the opening moments of a grade B horror movie?

By Saturday evening, when my plans had been cancelled, the power was out, there was no train service in and out of my area, and tree branches were crashing down right and left outside my front door in a freak October snow storm, I found myself peeking out the window looking for the inevitable hoard of hungry zombies about to beset my normally pleasant town.

I'm please to report that Phin and I get a B+ for Zombie Apocalypse preparedness. We had plenty of food and water, full tanks of gas, candles, flashlights, a radio and lots of extra batteries. We closed all the blinds and drapes to keep heat in and only opened the fridge once. We have wood for the fireplace if it gets really cold. I had even taken out all of our winter clothes and blankets earlier that day.

So, why no A?  Well, we lent our hand crank radio to Phin's brother when he lost power a few months back and our hand crank flashlight to Phin's dad. Altruism is rarely rewarded in zombie cinema, and at some point our batteries will run out. 

Yesterday, we ventured out to drop off my nephew's Halloween costume (thankfully finished before we lost  power!), and took the opportunity to recharge our phones in the car. Power and trains are still out, but there's no sign of zombies, so maybe I got the movie wrong and am living some other horror movie in which the plucky and prepared heroes are beset by some other monsters. But I'm not convinced. The trick-or-treaters may draw them out. So, this Halloween, I hope you will take the advice of the CDC and be prepared.

The Centers for Disease Control

Oh, and when in doubt, remember Rule #4: the double tap

Happy Halloween!  I hope to have pictures of my nephew in costume and some pics of my new single-seam skirt as soon as the power is back on!


Karin said...

Maybe you guys will end up having a really mild winter after this? You can always hope. How are you managing to post right now? Hang in there, and happy Halloween!

Clio said...

OH, I had my husband drive me to the nearest train station that had trains so I could go to the office rather than spend the day shivering at home.