Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Over the Top #2 or BUSTED! FBA Denial Strikes Again!

Burda 02/2011 - 102
Last night I finished stitching up my second top for the Over the Top Challenge. I'm fairly happy with it - it's a keeper, but I don't love it. And it is entirely my own fault for being in full blown FBA denial.

Yes, it is true. I thought I had come to terms with my bust.  But, apparently not. On Sunday afternoon, when I finished basting this top together to test the fit I realized that it was too big - at least by one size, if not two. Seriously, I need to NOT use my full bust measurement when it comes to choosing a pattern size. Ever. I'm always so worried about making things too small, that I chronically make them too big. 

Anyway, after some strategic pinning and marking, I sewed the top up quite a bit smaller.  And it fits pretty well except for being a little bigger than I would like at the neckline. Oh, and I am tremendously glad I lengthened by 2 inches at the waist and left an inch at the hem (I only used 1/2 inch for the hem), because I absolutely needed that length for this not to be a tummy top.

Other than my own mistake and the short length, I think this is a really great pattern. I will definitely be making it again soon, but in a smaller size. And I will probably make it a wee bit longer.


Faye Lewis said...

That top is too cute.

Clio said...

Thanks, Faye!

Meg said...

It looks really cute. I do the same thing--go too big with patterns.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

This pattern is on my list for bike top sewing--looks like it went together well (but I'll definitely lengthen). I was in denial over SBA for many years. When I finally learned that there was such a thing and how to do it it made such a difference! Good luck with the FBA.