Friday, April 15, 2011

Black & White Mini-Collection//Bottoms Up Challenge

As promised, here is my mini collection of black and white tops!  And since I have newly discovered how to create slide shows on Picnick, I've decided to make it a slideshow. 

I'm hoping that the flashing by of pictures will distract you from my mediocre-at-best modeling skills.

And since Faye has decided to morph the Over the Top Challenge from the first half of April into a Bottoms Up Challenge for the second half of the month, I will be getting back to this project:

Right now - thanks to my dreadful first attempt at a welt pocket - these Simplicity 2700 pants are in danger of becoming a UFO. So, my Bottoms Up challenge will be to complete them... welt pocket and all.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Faye Lewis said...

Simplicity 2700, oh I knew ye well. I've tried it before and I'm about to go back to it again.

Anonymous said...

Your clothes look great. Reminds me how classy and timeless black and white can look. Colourful crazy prints are cheerful, especially after a long cold winter (Canada) but they are sometimes hard to coordinate & can get tired/too memorable quickly. Love the slideshow.

Sheila said...

Lovely slide show and love the black and white, especially with the suit. The top would also look great with a red or yellow belt too... Good job. Looking forward to your S2700.

Mar-Mar said...

I think you are a great model, Clio! I LOVE your finished projects - they are SO flattering and interesting. I have sewing envy. There. I said it.


Clio said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Sheila - I was thinking "hmmm I should buy a red belt". And wear it with red shoes too.