Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Projects = Fabric and Pattern Binge

It seems like whenever I undertake a big sewing project, like my coat, I end up spending lots of time thinking about all the other projects I will sew when I'm done. The result is a fabric and pattern binge.

I took a quick tally. Since I started working on Lady Grey, I have bought 11 patterns and 18 yards of fabric.  This is not including my purchases for my IBOL bundles. Does this ever happen to you?  Here are my latest purchases...

Vogue V1220 - DKNY Dress

Vogue 1223 - Anne Klein Dress

Vogue 8333 - Claire Shaeffer Jacket

Vogue 1202 - Donna Karan skirt

The last two are my favorites. I am thinking of the Donna Karan skirt for fall.  And, although I have no plans for a jacket or coat any time soon, this Claire Shaeffer pattern is worth adding to your stash for the directions alone. It has carefully written instructions for all of the hand stitching, interfacing and underlining steps to make a truly tailored garment. If a jacket is in your future, you seriously ought to consider using the instructions for this jacket, even if you use a different pattern.

And here is my latest mini fabric binge. I spotted this at H&M Fabrics on 35th Street in NYC. They have been threatening to go out of business - and having a sale - for at least the last three years. But from the looks of it, they may actually be serious this time. This fabric - allegedly silk - was $2 a yard. 

Destined to be a dress, I think.

Anyway, I'm in Montreal at the moment. But I hope you are having a great week and getting more sewing done than me!


Faye Lewis said...

Love your style. Would you believe I have all your picks except one? Did you take pictures wearing your Lady Grey?

Anonymous said...

You naughty girl. That's a great Claire Schaeffer pattern - is it still in print?

Clio said...

Faye - With all my travel, I haven't had a second! But a full review doing justice to this labor of love (insanity?) is in the works.

Sewn Wardrobe - YES! I just bought it from the BMV website. It is still in print.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have been lusting after that DK shirtdress since I first saw it, but it wasn't in stock the last Joann pattern sale. Curses!

Love the silk!