Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over the Blahs with the Over the Top Challenge!

I am officially over the blahs.

After sorting through my pattern stash over the weekend, I've decided to join Faye's "Over the Top Challenge" - basically a top sewing blitz during the first half of April. Such a short term project - fun, quick and easy - is the very shot in the arm that I need. Not only will it get me back behind the sewing machine, but it will be the boost that my wardrobe needs this spring.

In the interest of keeping this project easy, I've decided not to sew any pattern that involves setting in sleeves and to limit my selection to just 2 patterns. And I decided on a black and white theme because, given the rest of my wardrobe, that will give me maximum versatility. Here's what I plan to sew.

 First, New Look 6915 - with cut-on sleeves

And Burda 2/2011 102B

And here are the fabrics. Left - a knit that I picked up from Metro Textiles yesterday for the Burda; Right - for the New Look some sale silk from H&M fabrics.

All the Over the Top Challengers, including me will be posting about our sewing blitz on: Over the Top...a 15 Day Challenge.

I did end up indulging on some additional absolutely gorgeous fabrics at Metro Textiles yesterday. I'm not sure I've ever seen the store so bursting-at-the-seams full before. And that is saying something since it is usually crammed full. There were so many great fabrics for spring, that I'm definitely feeling the call of warm weather sewing. More on my fabric spree tomorrow.


Faye Lewis said...

Great choices!

Karin said...

Pretty fabrics!

I will need to get cracking. My two little ones will be off school for Eater break during Fayes challenge which leaves little time to sew. I figure I will either get one done next week, or miss the time slot!

Sheila said...

NL 6915 is a great instant gratification top. I made it several times. Love the fabric choices.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Eek, don't tempt me with fabric shopping! It's been so long that I'm actually dreaming about it. And now that I've finally come up with a pattern I want to make in a silk charmeuse I'm just itching to get some.

Love your choices for fabric and patterns!

Karin said...

Oh BTW I just used some of the same knit fabric to line it as I used for the top itself :-)

Clio said...

Karin - Thanks! That's what I plan to do too. Burda, what the heck is knit lining???

Sheila - Your tops totally inspired my selection - I bought the pattern after seeing how great yours were.

Slapdash - Wow. Fabric shopping has entered your subconscious? That's serious.

Faye - I can't wait!