Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back from Vacation

There are some vacations that are so relaxing that you never want to come home.

Orpheus, in a rare moment out of the water.
Or at least part way out. I swear that the boy is part fish.

This was not one of them. It turned out that 3 adults are no match for 2 little boys. By the time that they were fed, showered and in bed each night, all that Phineas, Calliope and I were up for was cracking open a bottle of wine and parking ourselves on the couch. I am ashamed to say that no crafting took place, I didn't go for a single run and I barely cracked open the novel that was supposed to be my beach read. However, we did some very fun things, including:
  • taking a plunge off of the jumping bridge between OB and Edgartown (sorry, no picture of me actually jumping off the bridge, but I do have witnesses)
  • feeding purple clover flowers to McGee, the goat, with Linus at the FARM Institute. We also got to pet a baby chick, meet two sheep named Lemon and Lime, and get lost in a giant corn maze
  • An enormous ice cream treat at Mad Martha's Ice Cream
  • trying to catch little fishes in a beach bucket with Orpheus at State Beach
  • finding all kinds of crabs, shrimp and sea critters Down at the Shore at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary
  • jumping waves with Orpheus, who has no fear of water and was very proud to show me how he could float on his back
  • burying Linus' feet in the sand so that he could break them out again.... and again... and again...
Linus preferred digging to swimming.

Oh, and we did eat rather well. Phineas has a way of chitchatting with local fishermen and shop keepers that makes them offer him things like "the freshest scallops you've ever had" or "the beautiful stripped bass that I was about to clean if you can wait a few minutes". Things suddenly emerge from the back of the store that no other customers seem to be offered. It is a talent that can not be over-valued.

Anyway, a fun and exhausting time was had by all. Sadly, my one souvenir is a cold. So, even though I'm home and ready to get back to my crafts and running, I am feeling sidelined. But stay tuned as I get over this vacation and back into the swing of things, including posts.


Sarah & John said...

No way! I got my awful summer cold on the Vineyard too.

Clio said...

Well, I am pretty sure mine came from the boys, so it was an import. But I am sure the Vineyard was a contributing factor. And now Phineas has it, too.

30 before 30 said...

More pics!!!