Monday, July 13, 2009

To the Maxi

My sewing mojo is back! Ha-ha! Here is my finished maxi dress. I love love love how it came out.


And back
I had to take the dress in at the midriff thru the waist. When I cut the pattern out, I had cut the bust and midriff in a size 14 and the skirt in a 16, since I usually need extra room thru the hips and thighs. Next time, I will just make the whole thing in a 12 or 14.

I think I did a pretty good job lining up the design. Not bad for my first try at this. Admittedly, the lines on the fabric helped me plan where to position the pattern pieces.

I added 2 extra inches of length to the dress and I am glad I did. I wanted it to be on the long-ish side so I could wear it with heeled sandals and have it still be pretty long.

I've already decided to wear my new dress this weekend to Mom Muse's birthday bbq.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! It looks awesome! Great job!
I love the colors and pattern! I want one!!!


Sarah & John said...

I love it! You should wear it on Saturday.

30 before 30 said...

So pretty!

MS said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!! (I love the tank too!)

HeathersSphere said...

Enchantingly chic! You dazzle in this!

2BSewing: said...

Your Maxi dress is beautiful! Fantastic style on you. What did you use for the lining?

Clio said...

I self lined. It was actually a good thing - I was able to use the pieces that lined up the pattern better for the outside and the ones that maybe didn't line up exactly for the lining.

Sheila said...

Your dress is fabulous.