Friday, July 10, 2009


My Butterick tank top with flounces was really coming out well. All that was left to do was bind the neck and arm holes, and sew the hem. Then, while I was trimming the side seams, this happened:

No, that white dot in the middle of the photo is not a scrap of lint,
it is a hole. A hole that I somehow cut in the tank top.

Maybe the slip of the scissors was freudian. I had purchased the jersey at the same going out of business sale that I purchased Phineas' shirt fabric. And, like the shirting, I'm not so crazy about it. Once I put the tank top on, I disliked how it felt and draped. So, I have decided that this unfortunate accident really is ok, and that this was just a test draft for the next model of this shirt.

So, yesterday, I walked over to Metro Textiles and bought some black jersey, which I think I will like better - it is more matte and not so slinky. Some of the changes I will make to the pattern before cutting are:
  1. Smaller size. As I suspected, this top was initially too large, by quite a bit. It was also rather low cut.
  2. Also a size issue. I had added 2 inches to the length, as I did with my halter top. But I really didn't need to.
Over this weekend, I hope to finish up my maxi dress, which is really coming out great! (knock on wood).

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