Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pants in Progress

I feel like my blase posts don't really do justice to how happy I am with this project. Maybe that is because I am going really slowly and carefully.

Or maybe it is because black fabric with black thread
doesn't make for an exciting photo.

Over the weekend, I took the pants in a little more at the waist and narrowed the leg. As I suspected, after these alterations I had to trim and refinish the seam allowances. Oh well. Lesson learned. However, if I make duplicates of these pants, I will probably finish the allowances first, since it definitely is easier than finishing after sewing.

I also began assembly of the lining, which is exactly like making a second pair of pants, but on much lighter fabric. I haven't yet sewn the seam that I altered. So, that is the next step. Then I will be ready to attach the lining to the pants and do all the finishing work like the zipper, waistband and hems. I plan to do some work on it this weekend, but probably won't finish then. As I said, I am going very slowly and carefully.

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2BSewing: said...

I'm impressed with your work...pants with lining. You're doing outstanding work. You are definitely ready for an upgraded SM. :)