Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feast of Seven Fishes

My second holiday cooking project is a Feast of Seven Fishes for my family. Instead of doing this annual seafood extravaganza on Christmas Eve, as is traditional, we are doing it on Saturday, when everyone can make it.

This year I am changing the much loved pasta course to a homemade lobster and crab ravioli that Phineas and I tested last week. The seafood flavor is the star of the show. I think the 50/50 ratio of seafood to mascarpone allows the sweetness of the crab and lobster to shine.

Phineas really has this down to a science
Ravioli production took place on Monday night. Phineas rolled out sheets of pasta and I stuffed them with the mixture of lobster, snow crab, mascarpone and a reduction of leek, brandy and white wine. (Note to self: I need more recipes in my collection which call for lighting things on fire. I love any excuse to flambe. It's exciting and dramatic. And I managed to do it without burning down the house or injuring innocent bystanders.)

I may have over-stuffed some of them

So now we've got a bunch of the ravioli in the freezer.

Flying Saucer shaped ravioli

Next up: antipasti.


Anonymous said...

yummy...I want to come over for dinner!


N'il said...

Re: Lighting food on fire - I have a Shrimp Fra Diavolo recipe for you then!

Clio said...

Send it my way!

Sarah & John said...

Best Ravioli EVER!!!