Friday, August 8, 2008

Pants: In 2D

I was very disappointed when I had to cancel my Pattern Drafting Class because of a work commitment. My fabric shop said they probably won't offer the class again for another 3-4 months. BUT on Tuesday, the teacher of the class called to say I could make up the missed lesson with a one-on-one session on Wednesday night, and then I could join the main group next Monday. Woo hoo hoo! What an opportunity!

Pattern Drafting Class 1No, you are not allowed to suck in...

Most of the class was spent taking very detailed measurements of my body - waist, high and low hips, length from center waist to floor and side to floor, circumferences of my thighs, knees and calfs, crotch depth, height of my knee... You name it, I now know exactly how big it is. I even had to bring scary spandex pants to wear in order to get a really accurate measure. (ewwwww!)

The point of the class is to make a sloper - basically a 2D image of yourself that you will then use to create patterns in whatever style you want that fit you perfectly. We spent the rest of the class doing some calculations - taking my specific measurements and adding the right amount of ease. (Ease is the amount of extra room you need to actually move and be comfortable in a garment.)

Next class we will draw our slopers. Then we will create a muslin to check that the fit is correct and work out any kinks. And at the end, I will (in theory) have solved my pants problem!

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2BSewing: said...

Congrats on your first class...and one-on-one instructions. How cool is that! Looking forward to your next post. :)