Friday, July 4, 2008

Why I began sewing...

Because pants don't fit. Ever.

I've been doing better now that a few mainstream retailers offer a "curvy" fit which has a smaller waist and larger hips than the standard cuts. But still, last week I returned a pair of pants which were simultaneously too big and too small (waist and hips, respectively). They were also too long in the crotch and too short in the inseam. I don't think I am mutant-shaped, but pants really just never fit. Ever.

So yesterday, I impulsively registered for the following new class at my local sewing shop:

Basic Pattern Drafting - Pants
4 session class.
In this new class you will learn how to draft your own basic pants pattern. Using square and curved rulers along with your measurements you will draft a pattern on paper then construct in muslin to fit and adjust if necessary. You can then use this pattern to design other styles of your choice. Prerequisites: Absolute Beginners, Sewing 101 or other intermediate pattern class. Must know how to use classroom machine. Supply list will be given upon registration. Intermediate Level.

I'm not sure I am intermediate level (I think of myself as novice). And I think I ought to do some serious homework on waistbands, zippers and button holes before the class begins next month. But what the heck. This is the class I have been waiting for!


2BSewing: said...

Hi Clio! Your class sounds awesome! You are lucky to have the class near your home. For that type of class...I would have to travel to Maryland for several sessions. Of course, I could go fabric shopping after class. lol!

I took a similar class through ASG when the conference was here in VA. I learned a lot in a couple of hours. Almost had my head swimming...a lot of info. Have I applied it? Not yet. I'm a bit distracted now...too many sewing projects in my head. Need to feed and keep the sewing mojo going. lol!

I would suggest practice tracing an existing pants pattern...if you have one. Practice tracing curves with your curved ruler, etc. Notice what part of the curved ruler you use to make the curves.

You might want to practice installing a zipper (mock fly front, overlapped, and center) and a waistband. That way you'll have an idea of the pieces and how they play into designing a pair of pants. Just a thought.

Good luck with your future class. You're going to have fun! Susan

Clio said...

Thanks! Yes, I definitely need practice with the zipper. The one zipper I have installed so far was painful - I had to fight with it the whole time.

I just bought my first curved ruler and am definitely going to give it a test drive asap!