Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am in a rut. I've been too busy for most of my hobbies. Since getting my sewing labels, I haven't used a single one! I was looking to my upcoming sewing class to get me back in the swing, but now it looks like I have a work conflict the night of the first class and may have to postpone.

S0, to help get me back on track, here is the (growing) list of projects that I have promised people for their birthdays and otherwise.
  1. Erato - the youngest muse had a birthday the day I flew home from London. So this will now be a birthday gift.
  2. Mom - Also just had a bday and I have promised her a tote bag like the one I made Polyhymnia
  3. Phineas - Has a birthday this weekend and I just got some new patterns and fabric to make him some play shirts. And since I bought summer fabrics for them, I really need to get going on this project.
  4. Terpiscory - Also an August baby and someone who I have promised a beach ensemble similar to Polyhymnia's. (I guess it was a big hit, not just with Poly, but with everyone!)
  5. Magenta - I haven't forgotten you. Just glad that your schedule is usually about as busy as mine and you are not sitting at home half naked for lack of summer pants!
Actually, now that I look at it, I am feeling even more anxious. This is a lot! I think the bottom line is I need to take a few days off from work to get my crafting back on track. Would that be so wrong? I hope not. OK, off to Mood to find fabric for some of these projects.


2BSewing: said...

Okay...first me, then you. What's up with that? Keep to your list and not in any particular order. That's the key. Keep on sewing! :)

Clio said...

I guess it is the dog days of summer!