Monday, June 30, 2008

Sewing Impossible: Mission 1

Magenta's iron on skull appliqué from M&J
I had 2 near impossible sewing projects lined up for last weekend... the first was Magenta's beloved summer pants. I had assumed that we were ripping apart, taking in and breathing new life into a pair of pants. But I was wrong. We are duplicating her favorite pants... without a pattern. Or rather, making our own pattern. Thankfully, they are a pretty simple design that is at my skill level.

Last Wednesday evening, we met at Mood for what turned out to be a frustrating shopping trip to look for fabric. We're looking for a 100% cotton which is almost a gauze, but heavier and less see-thru, and with a nice drape. We didn't find what she wanted, but we did pick up trim and other items at the incomparable M&J Trimmings. I was slightly relieved when she opted for the above applique rather than this one:

I'm just not ready to dust off our Poison
cassettes and relive 1989, are you?

Magenta is a crafty gal and had procured a roll of tracing paper for our weekend crafting. We set to work creating the pattern and by the end of the day it looked good - or at least like a pattern for pants ought to look. This was very encouraging! (Me, surprised.. naaahhh. Well, maybe just a little...)

Anyway, more news when we find the right fabric.


Anonymous said...

No, seriously. I totally love the skull with flames. I've thought about it at least once every day since we first saw it. And I am seriously contemplating it's purchase. If it was half the price I would already own it for sure. That shit's hot.

And I am so excited for more pant adventures. (did you order your snapfish photos?)

Clio said...

I know you do! I can't wait to see what you do with the one you did buy. Next birthday, I will try to find a bedazzler for you. he he he