Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wet Greetings from London: V&A

Greeting from Merry Ole (Rainy) England!  Today was my one free/non-work day on this trip. So, I spent the first half at the Victoria & Albert Museum seeing the Ballgowns exhibit. It was pretty great.

Some of the dresses in the exhibition had accompanying pictures of who wore them on the red carpet. It was fun to see these dresses in person. The collection ran from vintage (1950's) right up to the present.

The dress I was most excited to see was this:

Alexander McQueen

This is a version of the dress that Daphne McGuinness wore to the MET Costume Institute Gala the year they honored Alexander McQueen (2011). She got ready for that gala in the window of Barney's New York as an art installation. Crazy, no? Don't get me wrong, I would not wear this dress, but it was absolutely fabulous to see in person.  (By the way, if you love red carpet fashion and like to laugh, you should be reading the Tom & Lorenzo blog.)

Should you be passing thru Londontown anytime soon, the V&A is definitely worth a visit. 

Hope you are having a good time, wherever you are this weekend!


T. Sedai said...

Looks fabulous! Wish I could see it. I will have to tell my sister about the exhibit - she has only a few more days in England before she returns to the States from her year-long study abroad.

ElleCSews said...

I am only commenting so you know how jealous I am that you are there and I am not. I also resent you for having a job that takes you to London. Just saying.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have been to London twice and never made it to the V&A. I really need to go back! Sounds like a fab exhibit.