Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Project of 2011: Victory!

Last night, while Phin and I were on the train into NYC for a New Year's Eve/Anniversary night on the town, I finished knitting my Victory Socks!

Knitting on NJ Transit

Last 8 stitches
Voila! Socks!

So today I'm relaxing around the house in my new cashmere socks. They're very cosy!

Top side view
Bottom Side View
And that leaves just one unfinished knitting project from 2011, the feathers and fans scarf that I will be gifting to my sister, Calliope. It's about half done at this point, and really rather pretty. I'm not sure what I want to knit next. There are some sock patterns I've been looking at and my niece, Miss J, has asked for a scarf. We'll see. I'm in no rush to start too many knitting projects, but I do have some business trips ahead as well as my commute. So, there will be something on the needles before too long.

Happy 2012! More to come on sewing and what's ahead!


Kimbersew said...

Happy New Year! You deserve luxurious socks, and those are gorgeous! I'm so glad I found you this year- Thank you! and here's to a fruitful and ease-y 2012-

Clio said...

Hey Kimber! You've been MIA for the last few months! All the best in 2012!