Friday, January 13, 2012

Elements of Style: Favorite Colors

Do you have a favorite color? How strongly do you feel about it?

I have strong feelings about my likes and dislikes when it comes to color. I guess those of us who sew think about these things. And right now my very favorite color, orange, or what Pantone is calling Tangerine Tango - a fierce red-orange, which is my very favorite shade - has been announced as the Color of the Year for 2012.
Tangerine Tango a la Clio

I first learned this news over at the MPB blog, and - WOW - some people really hate my beloved color! And I can't help but be filled with dread about this sudden color of the year accolade, especially seeing how orange is apparently rather polarizing.

You see, back when I was looking for fabric for my Lady Grey coat, it was challenging to find coating in orange. Usually, the only time of year that you can find orange fabric is the two weeks before Halloween. And then it's usually covered in bats or black cats. So, I was thrilled when it seemed like a mini-trend for orange was happening last spring and I gleefully started to stash it away in preparation for the inevitable orange famine to come when bats and black cats would be back. 

My Orange Fabric and Yarn Stash

But now my beloved color is in the spotlight. On the one hand this means I'm very on trend for the moment.  However, I can't help but worry that by this time next year, my Lady Grey coat will look dated and passe. And what about the Burda cover dress that I've just finished and not yet blogged about or even worn yet?  (Here is a sneak peek.)

And the orange socks I'm knitting?

Isn't that a cute cuff?

In addition to what I've sewn, I also have no less than 3 orange tee shirts, a belt (seen here), orange earrings (here) and at last count two orange winter scarves. Will my wardrobe suddenly look past it's prime once this orange mania is over?

Anyway, what is your favorite color? Is it something mainstream like blue? Or is it the kind of color that only becomes fashionable every so often? What do you do when the color you love is "out"? Do you say auf wiedersehn to it or do you carry on wearing what you love despite trends?

Readers, how can I keep orange in my wardrobe and looking fresh once this trend is over?


Peter Lappin said...

Have you considered dye? ;)

Clio said...

I haven't! But it's a good thought. That said, what I meant was how can I keep from looking 10-minutes-ago, fashion-wise.

Karin said...

I'm a big fan of orange too. I think it is flattering on brunettes with pink undertones in their skin. I've been finding the odd piece of orange to sew for the last three years (Riveria Cardigan jacket, sunshine tshirt, etc.) It looks like I am going to hit the mother load of orange. Maybe in a year or so I will have finally had my fill and be sick of it along with everyone else. Who knows?

Meanwhile, lets have fun!

Auset's Stitched Treasures said...

I love orange. And purple and turquoise and yellow. I'd rather think the trendsetters finally caught up with us! LOL. I say as log as you love it and you feel wonderful when you wear it, then it will always be in style.

Clio said...

Karin - Yes, it's an underrated color for us fair brunettes!

Angela - I love turquoise too!

Mikhaela Reid said...

Clio, I am SOOOOO with you... orange has always been one of my favorite colors! I have been wearing a bright orange Michael Kors trench coat since 2004 (now falling to shreds) and I had a bright orange scarf on today and I have a bright orange Ceylon in the works... now I worry I will look trendy and then passé.

Mikhaela Reid said...

P.S. Oh and weirdly enough I am ALSO currently knitting orange socks! For the toddler.

T. Sedai said...

I say if you like orange wear orange! I don't think orange is the best color for me, so I don't really wear it, but I do think it looks great on you. My favorite colors tend to be in the blue/green or turquoise range, although I love purple as well. In any case, I wouldn't worry too much about your wardrobe looking dated - if you like it then wear it.

Tia Dia said...

I love orange, too, but I also LOATHE following the latest trends. So it was with great sadness that I've been reading about the 'it' colour for this season. Bother. I will avoid it, probably, until it is decidedly last season, and then where it with pride and panache! I'm a fair brunette, too, and orange-red always looks good. Which is why we sew, non? Wear all your lovely orange forever, and let the Pantone people dictate to those who need to be trendy.

Anonymous said...

If you love it, wear it. Not many people can get away with that fabulous colour but you definitely csn! Also I'm a bit cynical about the whole colour forecasting thing. There's definitely a cycle but it doesn't change on a yearly basis. Or maybe I live in a deeply unfashionable city :-)

Tanit-Isis said...

Screw the trendsetters! Grr! Ok, that kind of "this is cool now but won't be tomorrow" thing makes me soooooo mad. If it's a good colour and one you love, go for it! I'm one of those warm-colored brunettes, but I'm really a red girl, myself. (which can be surprisingly hard to find, too...) I say stock up while it's on trend to get you through the famines to come. ;)

Clio said...

Tanit-Isis - OOh, I love red, too! It really can be hard to find, except for the two weeks before Valentines Day, when it is inevitably covered in hearts. Sigh.

Cyberdaze - You definitely up the cool fashionable quotient of your hometown!

LinB said...

I echo most of the sentiments above: if you like it, wear it! Orange is always in style in some variation or other. It could be a delicate, ice-creamy Dreamsicle color. Or a pinkish peach. Or a dark, browny bittersweet. Or tangerine, clementine, orange orange, even grapefruit. Or pumpkin. Leaving now ... I've made myself hungry.