Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Fever, Superheros and Support

I had a massive case of spring fever this weekend - I just couldn't bear to be indoors on Saturday. So, off I ran with Phineas to do a course preview run for our Superhero Half Marathon and Relay Race which is just 2 weeks away. We are officially registered to run as a 2 person relay team - The Sidekicks! So, we'll each cover a little more than 10k (6.2 miles). I did well on our preview  run - I hope I can channel my inner superhero on race day.

Early on, I was thinking of sewing a costume for myself. But I'm worried about not being comfy - it will be my longest race to date and the weather may be warm. So, running in comfy, breathable, non-chafing clothing is a must, and I'm just not willing to do the sewing, test running, tinkering, re-testing, etc to get it right. On a side note, I've noticed that female superheros don't seem to take jog bras seriously. Perhaps they are not affected by gravity; that would also explain how many of them can fly. But here at the Five Muses blog, where gravity is very much at work, we take things like support seriously.

That said, I will be running in costume. However, I plan to embellish/tinker with some running clothes and make a few accessories for my outfit, rather than creating a costume from scratch. So stay tuned.

Anyway, back to my spring fever. The point when I decided that I needed to head out of doors was also shortly after trying to do one tiny little adjustment on my Bottoms Up pants.  Although it solved one problem, it created a bigger problem. I took the waist in just one scant half inch at the back waist and it created this little puddling of fabric along the back center seam right in between the welt pockets. At that point I threw my hands up and went running. I plan to (fingers crossed) finish the pants tonight. Better late than never.

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