Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Mash Up: Blogging, Hemming and Hero-ing

So here is the week-end mash up of things rattling around in my brain.

Blogger: Not sure if any of you noticed but Blogger seemed to have a few bad hair days in a row this week. I couldn't log in and some of your comments mysteriously vanished. (Thanks for all the compliments on my pants! I did see them before they disappeared.) It seems to have been system wide and is thankfully over.

New Look 6915

Hemming: I'm still not finished hemming my New Look 6915 top (above).  This is not for lack of effort. I made this top out of the most ethereal silk charmeuse; the dandelion seed print is perfect for such a light and airy fabric. I'm trying to hem it with my narrow hem foot, which you would think would be ideal for the job. This foot is supposed to curl the fabric into a neat little hem and stitch it all in one step, without me having to press it. But it isn't working out and, at this point, it would have taken less time not using the foot and just pressing and stitching the hem. Gaaah! Admittedly, I am not much of a weeknight sewista, so perhaps I will have better luck tomorrow morning.

Hero-ing:  In happier news, my costume for the Superhero Relay Race is nearly done. And I think it will be awesome. Naturally, fate has a sense of irony. I decided not to sew most of it from scratch, but to embellish running clothing I already own. Mostly, this required pressing. So, it isn't as though I haven't spent any time at the ironing board this week. Here's a sneak peek.

I'm practicing my WonderWoman Spin
Anyway, the race is on Sunday morning and I will show you a picture or two after. Wish me luck on my 6+ mile leg of the race. I'm feeling excited, but confident. 


Faye Lewis said...

I love your wonderwoman top - so cute. Your New Look top is quite a success. I made it before and it didn't turn out for me.

Karin said...

Good luck in the race! Both tops are nice. Your Wonderwoman top is especially great!

I've also had some troubles with blogger lately. But, hey ho, it's just a hobby, not brain surgery or anything that I am doing here, so I can wait a day or two. I don't have any finished projects at the moment anyway.