Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: A Plethora of Pies

Wishing you and yours the best Thanksgiving - I hope your turkey is moist, your mashed potatoes are fluffy, and your pie is a la mode!

Pies Galore!

Traditional apple

Apple Cranberry Ginger

And Pumpkin


Mar-Mar said...

I pulled out your recipe for pie crust and we made traditional apple with it! It was awesome as usual!

No pecan this year since the pie to person ratio was already too high! (as if it could ever be too high!)

Happy T day! and I admire your Tday run! Bravo to you for improving your time. I need to join you in running...I still have too much baby weight with me(although now Abby is a year old, I am sure it is some other weight, but baby weight sounds better).


Clio said...

Oddly enough, Mar, I think my best pie this year was pumpkin - the recipe right off the back of the can. Somehow, I pulled the pie out of the oven when it was at the exact right second for it to be just set and incredibly creamy.

Yes, get out there and run - start with walking. It is great for your body and mind.

Love to your gang!