Friday, October 23, 2009

Married to Mr Freeze (For Mar-Mar)

Last night I has a long chat with Mar-Mar. You see, for various reasons she ended up agreeing to host her family's Thanksgiving at her home while nearly 9 mos pregnant. (Don't ask.) So, she has questions about how much she can make in advance and freeze. Little did she know that I am married to Mr Freeze himself.

From the NY Times article on freezing food.

Earlier this summer, when Mark Bittman wrote an article about how you can freeze most food, Phineas' response was a smug "well, duh!" He will freeze anything. And by "anything" I mean he has frozen all of the following: couscous, beans and lentils, cookies, mashed potatoes, tomato paste, habanero peppers, birthday cake, blueberries, nuts, fresh ginger, cheese, white rice... the list goes on. Actually, in addition to all kinds of meats, dumplings and breads, this is basically what's in the freezer right now (the cake in question is chocolate mousse cake from my birthday.) Between the freezer and pantry, Phin and I could easily survive a 6 month siege by brain-eating zombies before turning to cannibalism. But I digress.

Anyway, in going through the list of everything that Mar wanted to serve, aside from the turkey (ie: stuffing, mashed potato, gravy, squash soup, veggies, apple pie, pumpkin pie) there is only one item we were unsure of freezing: Pecan Pie. However, according to, it's fine. And this truly tickles me, since I have already invested lots of time experimenting with pecan pie. So, naturally, I am now feeling like I should make extra pecan pies this year so that I can cut them into single servings and freeze them.

Gosh, Mar. We really are bad influences on each other! Happy Friday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Clio and Phineas! My nesting can now move to the kitchen and the prep work for T-day will be done before the day!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I went home Friday, went to a Spaghetti supper gor the Democratic Town committee. FYI, I am running for office - a minor office, alternate for Zoning Board of Appeals, but I am still on the ballot. I came home from dishing food out and cleaning up and I made four pie crusts. Now, I didn't get to make pies, but I am prepared for it!


Clio said...