Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday shirt complete!

This weekend I finished the birthday shirt I was making for Phineas. I had worked on it little-by-little since last posting about it. By Friday, all I had left to do was the buttons and button holes.

I hadn't sewn a button hole since my PJ project way back in January. I had forgotten how much testing, adjusting and re-testing my sewing machine needs to get the button hole just right. It turned out to be very good practice. I also learned how to use my previously neglected button sewing foot. I'm not sure that it was any easier than hand sewing the buttons, but it was another good skill to learn I guess.

I think this shirt - which was supposed to be a test run - looks pretty cute on Phineas. I will tweak the fit on future models. The shoulder size is fine and it fits well across the back. However, there is extra material in the front (to accommodate the American beer gut?) that Phineas doesn't need, so I definitely need to taper the front somehow. I will have to consult a few sources before deciding how to do this without throwing off the rest of the fit. I may also shorten the sleeves a touch.

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