Monday, March 3, 2008

Pillow Talk

Where to begin... this is what I get for worrying about not having enough sewing projects.

Terpischore is getting married in September. Rather that having a bridal party, she has opted for a single maid-of-honor and a "bridal committee". This is genius. Not only does everyone important to her get to be included on the committee, but the very name itself implies that we can and will be put to work. And no ugly dresses!

On Saturday, the muses went wedding dress shopping and then out to lunch, where the bride updated us on plans and also assigned some tasks. Terp and her beau, John, really are DIY kinda people and are planning on decorating their non-traditional venue themselves. John is making two large works of art (murals? paintings? I'm not sure), goldfish bowls with live fish will be the centerpiece, photos of family and friends will adorn one wall, and there will be red, gold and orange flowers in places. But I digress! Back to the tasks...

Calliope will help with honeymoon planning since she lived in Europe, where they plan to go. Polyhymnia will help with invitations, since she made her own and they were gorgeous. Erato, naturally, is in charge of accessorizing the bride - shoes, bag, etc. And that leaves me. My job (drumroll please) is to make 30 pillows. Huh? Yes. Apparently, the venue has lots of banquettes, and they want it to have a lounge-like feel. So, making pillows - lots of them - in red, orange and gold is my task.

I am kind of freaking out. I don't yet know what I am doing - how large they have to be, how long it will take to make them. And once I started looking at fabulous pillows on the internet, I really started freaking. I want these to look good. Anyway, the other muses have offered to help and I will most definitely be putting them to work! I wonder what Terp will do with the pillows after the wedding.

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