Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Machines Hate Me

This has not been a good week for me, technologically speaking.

On Sunday, my cell phone fell out of my carry-on bag on an airplane. By the time I realized it, my phone was on it's way to Atlanta. And then yesterday, shortly after step number 3707, I lost my new pedometer. It fell off of the waistband of my pants in a NYC taxicab.

Microchips just do not like to be owned by me; they flee from my presence. If my laptop could grow legs, I'm certain it would run away. Both my phone and my pedometer saw a chance to liberate themselves and took it. I hope they find good homes.

Sigh. OK, I promise that my next post will be back to crafting.


Anonymous said...

it's true - remember the iPods?

Clio said...

Totally! The Applecare extended warranty is the best $40 I have ever spent! I am on Ipod #3 or 4!!!