Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Five Muses

In Greek mythology, the Muses are a sisterhood of goddesses who embody the arts and inspire the creative process with their grace. This is my sisterhood of goddesses, the we of my life:

Calliope – she of beautiful speech or voice. The eldest and most distinguished of the muses. Muse of eloquence and epic or heroic poetry. Calliope is the mother of Orpheus and Linus.

Clio – the glorious one. Muse of history.

Polyhymnia – the singer of hymns. Muse of sacred hymn, oratory, lyric, singing and rhetoric.

Terpischore – she who delights in dance. Muse of choral song and dance.

Erato – the amorous one. Muse of lyric poetry, particularly love and erotic poetry, marriage songs and mimicry.

Disclaimer: Muses, because I know you so well, let me say it now... there shall be no complaining and no trading of muse names. You are stuck with the name you were given. (he he he)


Unknown said...

I want to be a Muse. *pout*

Unknown said...

and I would also like to be able to comment on your blog without a blogger profile.

Clio said...

Whoops, sorry about that... I will try to fix the settings...