Monday, October 19, 2009

Regrouping: Craft Lounge Edition

On Saturday night, I (thankfully and exhaustedly) returned home from my last bit of travel for the next month. I spent Sunday regrouping and prioritizing my fall projects, doing some cooking and cutting, and taking a luxuriously long nap.

All things considered, I did well on my September sewing goals - 3 are completed, and 2 are underway. So here is my list of what's next starting with what is already in progress, at least as far as crafts are concerned. More on cooking later this week.
  • Diaper Bag #2, for my sister-in-law Mandie, is in the works. Yesterday, I cut out all the pieces and it went significantly better than last time. This will also be a tote-style bag, like the one I gave Polyhymnia. In fact, even the fabric is the same, except it is in pinks and yellows instead of navy and turquoise. Here it is:
  • Bibs and Onesies: I finally figured out how to transfer the embroidery patterns well! What I really should have done is trace the patterns to the stabilizer and then attach the stabilizer to the bibs/onesies. Anyway, expect some cute embroidery soon
  • Magenta's pants. I must re-draft the pattern.
  • Diaper bag number #3, which I already have fabric for.
  • Fall Fashion Overhaul: My wardrobe needs help and RTW is just not cutting it. So, I have plans for 2-3 tops, a skirt and at least 1, but hopefully more, pants. More on this in future posts. I hope to be wearing new things by Thanksgiving, but that may be a stretch.
I am also thrilled to say that I have a few sewing-oriented dates coming up. Erato and I are playing hookie to spend a day in NYC shopping, museum-ing, sipping wine with our lunch and otherwise laughing at all the busy people rushing to work. Then, Erato, Poly and I will be getting together to do some Christmas-oriented sewing and crafting sometime between now and the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

Don't forget, we're starting our day off with a 9am breakfast so we can laugh at the people on their way to work! Heehee

Clio said...

There will be much smug laughing at 9am! ha ha ha