Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cutting Fatigue

Spoiler Alert: Please refer to this alert if you've got a bun in the oven...
Last night, I began cutting the fabric for the first diaper bag - the one using this fabric. It did not go as smoothly as I'd hoped.

There is a reason why I don't craft at night; I just don't have the mental quickness or attention span to do a careful and precise job. But I was eager to get started, and so off to the Craft Lounge Annex (aka the dining room table) I went, armed with my shears. I cut the pieces for the outside of the bag from the floral print and moved on to cutting the lining pieces from the striped fabric. At this point I began to run out of steam; I cut one of the inside pockets without a thought to how the stripes would line up with the piece it will be attached to, and then I poked my finger with a pin so hard that it bled. Oy vey! Luckily, it looks like I have enough extra fabric to re-cut the botched piece.

Anyway, I still have to cut the contrast pieces (solid fabric) and all of the interfacing pieces. Overall, I am only about half done with cutting/prep. For the last diaper bag I made it took a whole crafting day to prep everything and be ready to sew. And this one seems much the same. Anyway, my next sewing post should definitely have some actual sewing happening, and pictures, too. So, hang in there with me.

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