Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September is for Sewing!

September is National Sewing Month, and boy-oh-boy do I have my work cut out for me!! The weather also suddenly turned colder and it definitely feels like back to school time of year. So, here is the short list of my September back to school projects:
  • finish the diaper bag I am making for my sister
  • finish a project (which I have not yet blogged about) for an upcoming shower which is still top secret
  • start and complete diaper bag number 2, which is for my sister-in-law
  • work on my own and Erato's pj bottoms. I have not forgotten that I owe you pictures of the fabrics we bought
  • embroider many cute baby bibs and onesies if I could figure out a good way to transfer the embroidery patterns (I gotta tell you, the chaco paper isn't cutting it!)
I think that is it, but I could be wrong. Wish me luck!

*** Updated on 9/3**** I knew I forgot something: pants for Magenta. I now have the pants we are recreating, so I can get to work on creating a new pattern for them. I took a very detailed look at them and am feeling very confident about the project.


Debra said...

sounds like a plan! If I check back at the end of the month, will you list your accomplishments?

(searching out sewing month blog posts for BlogHer

Clio said...

Sure thing!