Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PS - Changing Pad

You would think that after handily finishing the diaper bag for Poly's baby shower, that the matching changing pad would be a cinch. Well, it wasn't. Or rather, it was, but only after dealing with a few materials issues.

The pattern called for non-fusible fleece for padding between the two outer layers. But after two unsuccessful tries I decided that I was never going to get the non-fusible fleece perfectly smooth, and that there was no good reason not to use fusible fleece instead.

Next, one side was supposed to be coated in fusible vinyl, which I had trouble finding a suitable one (read: easy to use) locally. And by locally, I mean the garment district. I tried 2 other fusible and one sew on vinyl before settling on Therm O Web fusible vinyl with gloss finish that I ordered on line. It was the only one that really fused evenly and reliably for me.

After these hiccups were sorted out, this was literally a 30 minute project from start to finish.

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2BSewing: said...

Nice job! Finished beautifully. Can't tell you had any issues with this. ;)